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Surgical Innovation

The TREO Foundation presents The Surgical Innovation Award to recognize an ASMBS member who has provided technological breakthroughs in areas related to bariatric and metabolic research, in particular for new surgical methods or devices. Innovations can also be in the form of patents, inventions, new products, ideas or services. The innovations developed by the awardee should have the potential to change our standard practice and should go beyond marginal improvements in existing procedures or products. Through their study of disease and the impact on the patient, the Surgical Innovator has moved the needle and excited the spirit of innovation in others in the field.

Sponsor 2023

Erik Wilson, MD

Barham Abu Dayyeh

Barham Abu Dayyeh, MD

Roger de la Torre, MD, FACS, FASMBS, FNAI

Antonio Torres, MD

Daniel Cottam, MD

Natan Zundel, MD

Francesco Rubino, MD

Michel Gagner, MD, FACS, FRCSC, FASMBS, FICS, AFC (Hon.)

Manoel P. Galvao Neto, MD